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Fantasy Cricket Point System

Let's begin with the most popular fantasy game of all time, Fantasy Cricket. In Fantasy Cricket, you would have to predict the outcome of the match. You would receive points based on whether your observation of the event is correct or not. Besides the main-outcome of the event, you can also predict the number of runs each team scores, whether the teams would make a half-century or a complete century, whether the batsman is to be declared out, etc. Here is a shortlist of all the different amounts of points you would receive from bonus predictions.

Bonus Predictions Points System

Run +1
Boundary Bonus +1
Six Bonus +2
Half-century Bonus +8
Century Bonus +16
Dismissal for duck: -2

Wicket (Excluding run out) +20
Bonus (LBW/Bowled) +8
3 wicket haul Bonus +4
4 wicket haul Bonus +8
5 wicket haul Bonus +16
Maiden over +12

Catch +8
3 Catch bonus +4
Stumping +12
Run-Out (Direct hit) +12
Run-Out (Indirect hit)) +6

Captain 2X
Vice-Captain 1.5X
In-Announced lineups +11

Below 5 runs per over +6
Between 5-5.99 runs per over: +4
Between 6-7 runs per over: +2
Between 10-11 runs per over -2
Between 11.01-12 runs per over -4
Above 12 runs per over -6

Min 10 Balls To Be Played
Above 170 runs per 100 balls +6
Between 150.01- 170 runs per 100 balls +4
Between 130-150 runs per 100 balls +2
Between 60-70 runs per 100 balls -2
Between 50-59.99 runs per 100 balls -4
Below 50 runs per 100 balls -6

Fantasy Football Point System

Football is the greatest opponent of cricket in terms of popularity among Indians. It would be a disdain if a popular sport, like Football, is not included in this article, so here is a brief description of the Fantasy Football point system.

In Fantasy Football, you not only predict the outcome of the match between the teams but also the players' performances and skills, displayed by them on the field. The successful prediction of the match gives you many points, but you can always earn more by betting on more variables throughout the game. So, here is a shortlist of all the bonus points you can gain by predicting the team's performance you have a bet on.

Bonus Scoring System

Goal +40
Scored by a striker +40
Scored by a mid-fielder +50
Scored by a defender or goalkeeper +60
Assist +20
Shot on TargetIncludes Goals: +6
Chance CreatedThe final pass leading to a shot (on target including goals, blocked or off-target): +3
5 Passes Completed: +1

Tackle Won +4
Interception Won +4
Saves +6
Penalty Saved +50
Clean Sheet (Played +55 mins) +20

Captain +2x
Vice-Captain +1.5x
In Starting 11 +4
Coming on as a Substitute +2

Yellow card -4
Red card: -10
Own goal: -8
Goals conceded -2
Penalty missed: -20