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Fantasy Cricket

Cricket is a popular sport played almost in every backstreet in India by children and adults alike. But, when you hear the word "Fantasy Cricket," you either feel confused by what it means or are pretty familiar with it. Either way, this article would provide you with a brief description of the term- Fantasy Cricket. It would also showcase how to play fantasy cricket online and the reasons behind its immense popularity in India. So, here is the promised description of what you would experience and expect from the Fantasy Cricket game on iGamio, the hands-down best fantasy cricket app.

Fantasy Cricket

As you may guess from its name, Fantasy Cricket is related to religion among Indians- cricket, but it is also quite different from the original sport. It falls under the genre of fantasy games. In contrast to regular cricket, Fantasy Cricket is an online app-based game for cricket fanatics worldwide. So, instead of skills and strength on the cricket field, Fantasy Cricket requires a different skill set. It requires the mental ability to calculate and predict. Yes, you would slowly but surely realize that it requires a ton of planning strategies, patience, perseverance, brainpower, and a lot of mental strength to play and succeed in Fantasy Cricket.

Game Mechanisms

In the game, you would have to make teams of real-life cricketers. You would earn points for the performances displayed by cricketers of your fantasy team in real matches. You can use these points to redeem cash. If cricketers in your team don't perform well in their respective cricket matches, your points would be deducted and reduced. So, the game revolves around real matches played by the cricketers handpicked by you to form the team.

Scoring System

In Fantasy Cricket, on average, you can earn at least 500 to 1000 rupees every day by simply predicting the outcome of a match. Besides profiting by predicting the outcome of cricket matches and events, you can also earn bonus points. You can collect bonus points by observing and predicting the performance of your team's cricketers. For example, you would score points if a player in your team scores a six or a century.

Here is a list of all the bonus points that you can earn.

Run +1
Boundary Bonus +1
Six Bonus +2
30 Run Bonus +4
Half-century Bonus +8
Century Bonus +16
Dismissal for a duck -2
Wicket +25
LBW / Bowled +8
3 Wicket Bonus +4
4 Wicket Bonus +8
5 Wicket Bonus +16
Maiden Over +12
Catch +8
3 Catch Bonus +4
Stumping +12
Direct hit +12
Not a direct hit +6
Captain 2x
Vice-Captain 1.5x
In announced lineups +4
Below 5 runs per over +6
Between 5-5.99 runs per over +4
Between 6-7 runs per over +2
Between 11.01-12 runs per over -2
Between 11.01-12 runs per over -4
Above 12 runs per over -6
Between 150.01-170 runs per 100 balls +4
Between 130-150 runs per 100 balls +2
Between 60-70 runs per 100 balls -2
Between 50-59.99 runs per 100 balls -4
Below 50 runs per 100 balls -6