Fair Play

The term Fair Play means fair competition or, in other words, sportsmanship. Sometimes, fantasy sports players tend to cheat or hack during leagues to win cash prizes. This act is a complete violation of fantasy game terms and regulations. Usually, culprits receive a stern warning, but if the matter is too severe, these players might get banned from using the iGamio app. In this article, we would thoroughly check and observe the terms and regulations of Fair Play. Do alert your players among your close circle about the various things you learned not to do while playing on the iGamio app.

Terms and Conditions

Fantasy games are about pure skills displayed by the players. If you lack that determination and skill set, you would probably not go far in fantasy games. Fair Play protects you from aggressive competitors who may try to take undue advantages to negate your superb skill set. If you try to trick the system, it makes you rectify any mistakes. It also provides you with additional support during the gameplay.

The Fair Play System of every fantasy game in iGamio discourages cheating in leagues. If you are somehow detected while hacking or cheating during a Fantasy League, you might get a warning, or even your account could be banned. You only can form one team for a fantasy league. You also cannot make fake accounts and have multiple teams. It is a violation of the rules of Fair Play and sportsmanship. Your account must be verified, including the verification of their pan card numbers. You are also not allowed to make multiple accounts using the same ID and pan card. If the Fair Play System detects any foul play, there would be serious consequences, and you may even receive a ban from using the app altogether.

Consequences and Support

Besides just banning you or letting you go with a simple warning, the system can also empty your wallet and take all your earned cash and points in a breath. Fair Play also ensures that you receive 24/7 support for any of your inquires. This support team comprises experts that provide you with the best answers possible to remove any doubts that may pop up in your mind about participating in fantasy games of iGamio.

Offensive Behavior Towards Other Players

iGamio’s fantasy game platform would not entertain any offensive action or behavior. You would then and there be reported and straight away banned from the game. You should look out for these offensive comments in live chats and report them as soon as you can as a responsible player. Be respectful of other players, and even in defeat, try to keep your calm.

The use of any threats or obscenities is illegal not only because it breaches the rules of Fair Play on iGamio but also for the law of the land. For your own sake and reputation, follow the guidelines of Fair Play to succeed in fantasy games. So, have fun playing fantasy games and try not to cheat in leagues because winning and losing is all part of life. And, in a way, our lack of control over them makes our life a challenge as well as exciting!

By following iGamio’s Fair Play guidelines, you would protect your reputation and all your progress. Remember that games are for fun, and cheaters never truly enjoy the thrill of the games or even life!