Become An Affiliate

iGamio is a newly introduced fantasy app game, but has taken the masses by storm. iGamio, not only, supports Fantasy Cricket but countless other games, such as Fantasy Kabaddi and Fantasy Football as the most prominent ones. This feature gives iGamio the title of being the best fantasy game app. In India, Cricket is considered a religion, with famous Indian cricket team players considered as gods. For cricket fans that could not play or participate in any fun cricket game, iGamio presented them with what is known as Fantasy Cricket. In this article, we would discuss why you should become an affiliate of iGamio and all its benefits and reasons; so, without any further ado, let’s talk business about our Affiliation Programme.

Reasons and Benefits of Joining iGamio as an Affiliate

Affiliation Programme is a “refer and earn” feature where you can earn extra income by referring your friends on the iGamio app. Every first-time deposit of new referrals would yield 10% cash to you along with a ₹100 bonus that you receive in the usual refer and earn approach.

To become an affiliate, you would have to refer a friend. Whenever your friend plays on iGamio app, you will get a portion of the profit the app makes via your friend straight in your iGamio wallet. Later, you can use the extra money to join more leagues on iGamio to win big!